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Welcome to The Baking Class the training institute for Baking cakes and other related products. You have reached the right destination if you are looking for training and hands on experience on baking. Cake baking is not complex but it is an art. The right mix of ingredients and procedure followed to perfection brings you the best output. Baking cakes have never been so easy and the interest it has generated recently is enormous. There are so many methods that are adopted while baking a cake and the excitement that is derived after seeing the output is worth the wait. The Baking class derives its happiness in teaching cake baking to its students and the real happiness lies in imparting knowledge and making the students bake their own cake.

The Cake baking classes are carefully designed to cover various aspects of baking and provide students through knowledge & understanding. The baking classes are conducted by the experts and chefs give you immense insight of various important aspects such as usage of raw materials, creating right blend and setting up perfect oven temperature etc. Our baking class is designed to meet 100% hands on experience which means you would be baking the cakes yourselves and on the top of it work on icing & piping techniques to decorate the cake.

In India today, Baking and Pastry chefs equipped with professional skills and knowledge of the field are in huge demand. Due to high demand of bakery products as well as professionally trained bakers and chef, the baking training industry now records huge number of students and graduates every year. Companies, manufacturers and baking merchandises all seek for individuals that are capable of producing high standard products.

The home baking sector has proven to be a major player in India’s baking industry and plays a vital role in solving economic problems such as unemployment. Women, particularly mothers have taken over the home baking sector, producing good and quality bakery products from the comfort of their homes.